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Welcome to formally known as Natural Health  Years ago we use to use the word health nut to describe someone who was really into healthy diet and exercise.  These days I use the term veg nut for those of us who are consciously cultivating more plants into our diets.  I love plant cuisine and I hope to inspire people to learn more about this amazing diet and lifestyle.

When I decided to back to school to learn more about holistic nutrition. What I have learned over the years is that plant-based foods are the perfect choice for me.   A few years ago I also started a radio program, The Fresh Cafe to talk to the experts in the field of plant-based nutrition.  I will share the highlights from these great mentors in my blogs.

Wherever I go the subject about various health issues comes up.  When I ask about diet people will often become resistant because they don’t want to make changes in that area of their life.  Most people would rather take a pill so they don’t have to address the culprit which can be what they are eating every day.   To connect the dots here, check out this new film trailer: Eating You Alive.

What we eat feeds our brain, blood and vital organs.  Making connections to the positives and negatives in our food choices can influence our health today as well as the cumulative effects over the years.   Our daily choices have a large impact on what our money pays for,  how animals are treated, and how we are caring for our one planet. Our choices do make a difference.

I am passionate about Veg Nut living for better health, love of animals and the sustainability of our planet.  This site is a way to share ideas, recipes, and research on the Veg Nut lifestyle.

I hope you will check out some of the topics in this site on plant-based foods, animal love and planet earth.  These subjects are what a Veg Nut like me is all about.  A warm welcome to you and I hope to see your comments and ideas on how we can make a difference in our world today.





  1. How did u actually pick up the ideas to write ““blog
    topic”? Thanks for your effort ,Kristin

    • rhonda

      Hello Kristin,

      Thank you for asking about how I pick topics to blog about. I write about subjects that I am interested and love to learn about. I have many subjects that I enjoy, but my main topics are compassion for animals, the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, plant-based foods, raw foods, books, and a green environment. Thank you so much for dropping by. I post several times weekly, so please stop by again.

  2. gay lynn marquez

    I just stumbled across this sight …. I stuck to a raw food diet for 3 weeks at age 48 …. getting through the 3 weeks successfully I felt half my age … had more energy than anyone I knew … even all the young girls at work just coming on duty didn’t have the energy I had going off my 12 hour shift as a nurse assistant …. I didn’t have the money back then to continue …. and all old symptoms returned … even bad food cravings …. I am now 59 …. and I want to stick to a raw food diet for good …. will I do myself a disservice if I don’t eat cooked lentils or legumes … have brown rice? …. Is it possible to get the whites of the eyes white again? ….

    • rhonda

      Hi Gay Lynn ~ I think that anytime that we make better food choices we will see some benefits. Like you, I noticed the energy from raw foods when I did my first 4 day raw food weekend with friends 10 years ago. Cleaning out the bad foods and putting in cleaner foods is a great start. If you choose not to eat cooked legumes and brown rice there are certainly options for you. Make a plan and have options that appeal and give you the nutrition that you need. If you decide to eat some cooked foods on occasion that is okay too. Let me know how the whites of the eyes go as I have not paid attention to it, but I will start! Best to you on your new journey of cleaning up your diet and adding in more nutritious foods.