taco-saladWhat’s for dinner?  I am the one that plans most of our meals and so I need to be organized.

The entree is the main focal point of most meals.    An entree can be anything from a simple salad,  soup, pasta, sandwich or as gourmet as you wish to make.    With just a little inspiration you can create beautiful dishes with just a few fresh ingredients, herbs and seasonings to perfection.

What I have learned in the kitchen is to have a few meal plans and to shop efficiently for the week.  I strive to have a well-stocked pantry and freezer so that I have numerous healthy options to choose from day or night.

A few go to favorite recipes are a must in all kitchens.  If some of yours are getting old and tired, look for a new recipe book or collect some new favorites online.  My favorite new place to store new recipes is on Pinterest.  Wherever you find recipes, a good thing that I have found is to categorize them into files so that you can quickly search for an entree, salad or dessert item.  This one tip will save you lots of time when you want to give yourself and loved ones nutritious and delicious eats from your kitchen.

Here are a couple of links to some of my favorite recipes:

Super Healthy Recipes

Raw Food Diet Magazine Recipes




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