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Nutritional Yeast

What is Nutritional Yeast? When asking what is nutritional yeast, some may wonder if it is a baking yeast or a terrible tasting brewer yeast concoction.  But wait until you hear why vegans and non-vegans alike have this food in … Continue reading

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A List of Plant Protein Foods

When searching for a list of proteins I found this simple list that provides protein content of selected vegan foods. This is a great resource for those who eat a vegetarian or completely plant based diet. Often when people hear … Continue reading

Plant-based diet

Egg Replacer Know-How

Egg replacer know-how is key when you get to where you are creating your vegan recipes using your non-vegan favorite recipes. When I started trying to cook my old favorite recipes vegan, I ran into the problem of what ingredient … Continue reading

Plant-based diet