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IF there is only one tip I could give you to help improve your diet it would be…GREEN SMOOTHIES.  Yes, you heard right. I know, I know, everyone thinks a green smoothie is something you have to choke down because it tastes weird, but I assure you smoothies can be creamy and delicious!  There is a lot of nutrition packed into a smoothie, more than you could eat in one sitting. And better yet, they are guilt-free, good for you. The secret: there are a few simple tips to make green smoothies a nutritious drink you want to grab everyday.


1. Start out with a handful of greens (40%) and gradually increase the greens (60%) as you develop a taste for them. And  yes, you will develop a taste for them.

2. Always have a banana in your smoothies to “cut” the taste of the greens. Bananas are wonderful, don’t you think?  Another tip: Freeze bananas by peeling and freezing in a freezer bag or container. Frozen bananas make the drink all the more creamier. Yum.

3. Play with some different ingredients. Start with a basic smoothie recipe and then add to it. Change it. Try a few different recipes to find what you like.

4. Smoothies really don’t take that much time to prepare but, hey, if you can make it faster, why not? I have prepackaged ingredients in my fridge for the week ahead. I have one package with my hemp seeds, maca root powder, and sprouted grain powder. I have another one with cut dates and shredded coconut for sweeteners.  I always have a bag of greens washed and bagged with a paper towel.  Kale, collards, Swiss Chard, spinach and herbs. I can make a smoothie in five minutes from start to finish.

5.  A high speed blender is a must to making green smoothies.  I have had a Vitamix for almost 20 years and the power of that machine has kept blending up my greens in my smoothies for years.

Here are some links to some of my favorite pages on smoothies:

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Start your day with a healthy green smoothie.  You will love them and kids love them too!  You just can’t beat the power packed nutrients that green smoothies contain.


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