Gift of Love

Give yourself the gift of love this holiday season and adopt a pet. There are many little fur babies needing a happy home that are sitting in shelters waiting for a good home. These animals have been abandoned for one reason or another and their little lives are worthy of love.

Things to consider before adopting:

  • First and foremost, can you make the commitment? Adopting an animal and then taking it to a shelter or giving it away is traumatizing to the animal.  When you make a commitment to adopt, this pet should be a part of your family for the rest of its life.  It’s a golden rule.
  • It is not advised to gift a pet to someone.  People should have the desire and take the time to find the pet they would choose to take home.  Pet gifts often cause a person can be a financial burden or time constraint that they did not plan on.  Please consider non-being gift.  It would be fine to take your friend, parent or child to a shelter and look at the animals that are vying for a good home.  Then talk to them about adopting a pet forever.
  • Spend time with the fur friend you are considering adopting. Sit and play with it. If you have children, have them be with you to see how the pet interacts with them. Understand that this animal is probably very scared being caged and may be cautious with you. Make sure you have all of the family’s commitment. Discuss responsibilities for care, and training, etc.
  • If at all possible, get history on the pet.
  • Be committed to the financial investment to take care of your new pet, this includes vaccinations and health care.

Taking your new pet home

Black Beauty

Black Beauty

  • Have food, bedding, toys, snacks etc ready for your pet.
  • Give your pet time to adjust. They will be scared in a new environment and may want to hide. Do not drag them out of hiding. Give them time and talk to them frequently. They will come out when they feel comfortable. Kitties can take awhile, even days.
  • Do not set up behaviors that YOU don’t want to live with the rest of your life. That sweet little puppy that you are allowing to sleep on the bed,  will be confused if you change the rules down the road. This is the time to set expectations on what you expect from your friend.
  • Get on the floor and play, play, play. It is healthy for your dog and healthy for you. Kitty’s establish trust through playing. Toys don’t have to be expensive…a string and balls for a cat, and a ball and chewy toys for a dog.
  • The data shows that people with a pet live healthier, longer lives.
  • It is up to you to put the time into training, exercise and social time with your pet.  If you do not provide these basic activities, bad behaviors will present themselves, and you can’t blame the animal for not being trained properly.

So adopt a pet, responsibly and with arms wide open. Because they will give you so much back!  They are truly a gift of love.




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