Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran

Meeting people that truly inspire me is a real treat in the work that I do.  I love to read and so I have cultivated a nice library of books that I like to read for inspiration, information and of course recipes.  The bonus is when I contact an author and ask them to come on my radio program, The Fresh Cafe, and we schedule a segment together to chat about their work. 

I then go to work to present them and they are the show for 30 minutes.  It is such a joy to share that time with people I learn from and a pleasure to share these little gems with you.

A lovely and inspiring woman, Victoria Moran has written over a dozen books.   I have read a few of them and I can tell you, she is a good writer.   I would highly recommend two of my favorites, The Main Street Vegan and The Karma Diet.    I attended Victoria’s talk at the Vegfest in 2012  and I was so intrigued by her personal story of why she became a vegan back in her college days over 30 years ago.  Victoria struggled with being overweight as a child from the mid western diet her family practiced.  Her father was a doctor and put Victoria on diet plans of deprivation, which never worked and added to her frustration and confidence as a young girl.  When she became a vegan after college, she dropped 60 pounds and has never gained it back, over 30 years and still trim and energetic as a teenager!

Victoria is a leader in the vegan world with over 12 published books.  She is a holistic health counselor and she started the Main Street Vegan Academy to teach people how to be a vegan lifestyle coach.   And her latest accolade, Victoria was voted to be the 2016 Sexiest Vegan Peta.   Check out her books and listen in to one of her podcasts.



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