Dr. Michael Greger Teaches Why WFPBD

WFPBD – Whole Food Plant-based Diet, Michael Greger, MD is one of my favorite MD doctors on the subject of nutrition.  He studies the thousands of Nutritional Journals every year.

In this short video Dr. Greger explains why plant-based protein is good for humans.  Plant-based protein preferable

Dr. Greger also lives it by eating a plant-based diet over the past 25 years.

I met Dr. Greger at a Vegfest a couple of years ago in Denver.  I have attended several of his lectures which are very entertaining as he presents the material in a game like format. His work has been showing the direct links to health from what we eat.   Dr. Greger put out the documentary “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death.”  To learn more you can check it out at his website at www.nutritionfacts.org

Check out Dr. Greger’s latest best seller book: How Not to Die.  This is his well-received talk.  I attended a standing room only talk last summer at the Vegfest.  Dr. Greger is awesome!   The full video and if you scroll to the bottom you can watch the shorter 17 minute version.

When I listen to all the benefits of plant-based foods from Dr. Greger’s short video’s, it confirms for me why being a Veg Nut is a good thing.  We are what we eat which should make us think of what we are putting on our forks every day.

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