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Organic or Non-Organic?

This seems to be quite the debate. I know people who will not buy anything but organic if they have a choice, and others that don’t feel its worth the extra money. A lot of people fall in between, picking and choosing based on selection and price.

There are certainly some foods that  buying organic based on their vulnerability to absorb the massive amounts of chemicals used on them.  There are some that are low for absorption (and subsequently ingestion by you) and would be low on the list to purchase organic. 

My personal belief is that the more we promote the organic farmers, whether the food product is high risk for contaminants or NOT, is speaking clearly to the farmers in the industry that we do not want chemicals sprayed on our food. I personally wish to support the farmers that already GET this and are living this practice already. They are the forefathers of getting a grip on our tainted food supply and doing something about it.

Why buy organic?

Why buy organic?

Becoming certified is a lengthy process. I live in a fairly small community and at our local farmers market we are lucky if we have ONE organic grower. I talked to some of them and found that they cannot afford to go through the certified organic credential process but uses certified organic methods. It is worth asking. I think by demonstrating, if possible, that we will support the organic farmer we are making a strong statement with our all mighty dollar. That speaks volumes. If you think it doesn’t, look around your local grocery store at the organic section, and the organics showing up on the shelves. Compared to just a few years ago, it already is changing the grocer industry.

Overall, the most important thing I say when I hear organics are more expensive, is that my health is worth the extra money.  Call it insurance.  In my humble opinion, my guess is if it was possible to do a study on how these chemicals cause cancers and disease, the health care cost of non-organics would be devastating.

Think about purchasing organics if at all possible. For your health, and for the planet.  And consider growing some of your own organic foods in your yard or join a community garden. Finding ways to get fresh foods starts with our awareness and then taking steps to put them on our tables.


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