Veg Topics

These are some of the veg topics that I am passionate about.  There is never a shortage of veg topics in the veg nut world.  One of my favorite subjects to talk about is why vegan. From my own perspective, the reason I committed to vegan is because I care a lot for animals and I learned that I do not have to cause them any harm for my own survival.

Learning about raw foods a few years ago gave me a whole new way of thinking about fresh foods. Once I discovered the virtues of not cooking all the nutrients out of these natural foods, I went to work on a guide and recipe book and website to share the benefits of these nutrient dense foods.

How often do we really need to think about our imprint on this planet.  When there were fewer of us taking up space and using its valuable resources, not so much.  Ever since the industrial revolution, our species has been treating the earth like a clearance sale. With over 7.5 billion people inhabiting this one planet we need to be more user-friendly to our homeland if we want to leave it for future generations to come.

Most of us like to read success stories about people who have over come obstacles.  We can glean from their experiences and hopefully share a tip or two of our own.  To read more about other veg nuts you can check out stories on the veg nut blog and on my List of Resources.

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