Raw Foods Cleanse

Tired Out

Tired Out

Our digestive systems are the key to all of our systemic health. With our diets in this processed food world (or even if we eat nutritious) our digestive system can get sluggish and irritated which can make us feel tired and prone to illness.

Even if you are not a raw foodist you can reap the health benefits of eating as much raw foods as you can. And if you want to give your body a healthy detox treat, the raw foods cleanse is a great option.

Going on a raw foods cleanse will detox your body, jump start your digestive system, give you energy, and, hey, you may even lose weight!

berrybowlA raw foods cleanse can be a day, a week, two weeks, a month, or a lifetime. I like this article on starting a raw foods cleanse. It can inspire you!


  • Decide on the amount of time you are wanting to commit to a raw foods cleanse
  • Plan menus for all of your meals (there are many wonderful raw food recipes out there)
  • Add in a lot of healthy, raw snacks
  • Just in case you didn’t get the last one…add in a lot of snacks! Raw food digests very much quicker so you may eat more often. When hungry it is easier to eat the wrong foods. For success, have tons of raw snacks ready for when the hunger prompts you.
  • Make sure you have a back up plan for a last minute lunch or dinner engagement.  There are raw alternatives at most restaurants including salads. Carry something raw that you love just in case.
  • Let your family know that you are eating only raw, how long, and why and ask for them to support you. It is easier if they are helping not hindering you.

Pay attention to the way your body and mind feels such as light, energetic, calm, tired, etc.  Depending on your system and how you set up and stick to a good plan will determine your success on a cleanse.   Find a professional that can help you stay on track, do some research and plan for success.  That is the best way to succeed in anything.

Check out books or healing centers:
Gerson Therapy with Charlotte Gerson
Hippocrates Institute with Brian Clement
Tree of Life with Gabriel Cousins
An Oasis of Healing Dr Thomas Lodi


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