Dustin Rudolfs a Pharmacist

26596a4In 2013 and 2015 I was delighted to talk with Dustin Rudolfs on the Fresh Cafe program.  Dustin is a very wise pharmacist who is sharing a powerful message about the prescription pad and a healthy diet.

As I did some research to prepare for my interview with Dustin, I read some of his articles and I had so many subjects to ask him about.  But unfortunately, we ran out of time on the program to get to all of my questions.  If you are interested in his view on breast cancer awareness please take a few minutes to read his article  Breast Prevention Awareness.

As a medical student, Dustin learned that prescription drugs were the answer to so many of our health issues.  As he became a pharmacist and was meeting his customers, he would talk to his them and find that there were other options than a prescription to give the patients relief.  He would rather tell them about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet choices but as a pharmacist his job which is to dispense medicines.  If someone wants to talk about dietary options, he is more than willing to do so.

We can learn from Dustin’s experience and research on the benefits of a plant-based diet by listening to his radio podcast and reading his articles at Pursue A Healthy You site.  Dustin published The Empty Medicine Cabinet, a good read.






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