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Love kimchi? Hate kimchi? Don’t know what kimchi is?

Kimchi is raw, live food with enzymes and probiotic health benefits. It is a fermented, Korean side dish. Traditionally, it is made with tiny shell fish, shrimp or fish sauce, but it works as well without the fish sauces as you will see in these vegan recipes.  Kimchi is a very spicy, red-hot food. However, since you are making it, you can certainly control the heat.

The base vegetable of kimchi is usually cabbage. You can add other vegetables and even fruit if you like. The cabbage used in making kimchi is usually Chinese, but use whatever cabbage variety you like or mix up the cabbages. The beauty of making kimchi or other fermented vegetables is that you can mix and match and substitute, but still come out with a very tasty product.

Kimchi is easy to make and if you like a culinary adventure, the variety of recipes is endless! Here are some articles to a variety of kimchi recipes! Try one.

Kimchi Recipes
Brussel Sprouts Kimchi


Kimchi Korean

Kimchi Korean

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