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Your Child and the Food That Feeds the Brain

I shudder when I think of what children are eating these days. We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”… right?  Our food feeds and nourishes our organs, blood, cells, and yes, our BRAIN.  Think about it? … Continue reading

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Forks over Knives Video

In 2011 Forks Over Knives had its debut and has been a classic on the circuit to show the multitude of benefits of a plant based diet.  It is an informative documentary that shows newbies as well as those of … Continue reading

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Germs in the Kitchen

Several years ago I watched a program on TV showing the cross contamination of handling meat in the kitchen.  They showed two or three cooks making a meal and then cleaning up the kitchen.  Then they showed the kitchen with … Continue reading

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February Heart Month

The month of February brings so many opportunities to celebrate.   Valentines Day is a top contender in the month of February as is all about celebrating love. February is American Heart month.  According to the Center for Disease Control and … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Greger Teaches Why WFPBD

WFPBD – Whole Food Plant-based Diet, Michael Greger, MD is one of my favorite MD doctors on the subject of nutrition.  He studies the thousands of Nutritional Journals every year. In this short video Dr. Greger explains why plant-based protein … Continue reading

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