Your Child and the Food That Feeds the Brain

I shudder when I think of what children are eating these days.

Apple=Brain Food

Apple=Brain Food

We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”… right?  Our food feeds and nourishes our organs, blood, cells, and yes, our BRAIN.  Think about it? DO you feel sluggish after eating a heavy meal? Vamped up and nervous after a sweet sugary treat?  Children are at the very beautiful time in their life when they are like a sponge for learning.  They can learn faster than they will ever be able to do as an adult. And with the right foods they are amazing! But you feed them the wrong foods and it may hinder their ability to learn and retain knowledge.  It can even affect their IQ.  This is a sobering thought. The good news is you have the power to give them healthier food.

Quest for Knowledge

Quest for Knowledge

Do you recall those food pyramids we got in school that were published by the meat and dairy industry. Their marketing strategy was to get meat and dairy into every meal and it worked.  However, the truth is that a diet based on animal products can be overloading our systems with excessive protein and saturated fats.

Many of our top diseases in our country are due to diet according to Dr. Michael Greger’s 2012 documentary “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death.” The standard diet is meat and dairy based.  Even our doctors will tell us to eat more fruit and vegetables. You, and your child, can easily get the calcium and protein from the diet by incorporating lots of green leafy foods, all types of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

Did you know this? Junk food can limit your child’s learning ability and intelligence! Studies show that burgers, pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets, processed cereal, soda, sweets, and french fries negatively affects school performance!  A diet high in natural plant foods is linked to higher IQ scores.

Vegan Food Pyramid

Vegan Food Pyramid

As parents we want the very best for our children and their success in life. We have been duped and no longer recognize that the American diet is.. well, sad to us and to our children.  The best thing we can pass on to our children is to teach them that good health comes from eating healthy whole foods that nourish us, not cause harm and illness.

You can accomplish this by eliminating processed foods in your household. Go to a plant based diet as much as possible. Eliminate sugary treats and find recipes that are sweetened naturally (you can also use healthier sweeteners such as agave syrup, brown rice syrup and dates). Pack your children’s lunch, then you will know what they are eating verses cafeteria processed foods.  Support good eating at every opportunity.

Your child is adaptable, much more than us after years of poor eating habits, and you will be surprised how much they will gravitate to the more nutritious options.  It could be the moment at a friends house when they are given the choice of a candy bar or an apple, and you have get the secret delight when they choose the apple!

And while we are talking about this: the side benefit of feeding your child’s brain with healthy nourishing foods, is you will also be eating those foods and strengthening your brain!


Resource: Feeding your Child’s Developing Brain by Joel Fuhrman, MD/ Vegan Health and Fitness.

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